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    Lightroom Custom Print Templates - Is it possible to achieve automatic, equal spacing between photos?


      I like the Custom Templates, but cannot find a method to get equal spaces between photos (or place holders) put onto the page design.  I have tried snap to cell and snap to grid but find that I can be trying to make tiny adjustments to either the photo sizes or their positions in order to equally space out the photos across a page, and even then they aren't always equally spaced which is just frustrating. 


      1) Is there a way to do this?  Either by:

      i) specifying that I want automatic spacing between photos on a page/row

      ii) specifying the gap that I want between photos, both horizontally and vertically  - similar to the cell spacing provided in the contact sheet.

      iii) being able to specify the exact position that I want a photo or place holder to start at. I know this involves up front calculations and can be a pain to do but for equal cell spacing it would be worth it.  I can do this in Pages which I know is a round about route to getting exact print layouts ( and a non Adobe product) ,  but I was hoping that Lightroom Print would at least be able to match the functionality provided there for spacing.


      Am I missing some functionality or trick somewhere at all, or is it just not available?   Any help or input appreciated - thank you.