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    I have a corrupt cataloge.  Help


      I have a MacBook Pro and a LaCie external drive that I keep my photos on.

      Until several months ago all was just fine.


      Then I started seeing replications of folders under new ones that I created. 

      Like I created a 2015 Soccer folder and when looking at my drive in Finder, I would also see a 2015 Basketball folder


      I just created a new catalog (but am using the same external drive) for my Daughter-in-laws graduation.

      I imported the photos into that folder.

      But I found that there were additional folders created as sub folders under hers that had images but not of that event.


      I have used "Finder" as a way to correct these issues but also wonder if that is what is corrupting my catalogue.


      I would like to create a clean cataloge and if necessary start a new external drive and import my old images into it.


      Dos anyone have words of wisdom for me??


      Thanks Gang!