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    Lr is not responding




      I use lr6 on a Win 8.1 PC

      Every time in the develop mode Lr is not responding when i click on a slider or something else.

      So a have to wait a split second to move on.


      I have reinstall Lr6.1

      My Graphics card is up to date (Nvidia GT640)


      The Pc is a Intel i7 3.50 Hz with 32 memory on board. Fast enough.

      With Lr 5.7 there where no problems.


      What can i do with this problem?



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          99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Go to:

          Edit >> Preferences >>  Performance


          Then disable GPU acceleration.


          LR6 will then run like LR5 from the CPU. See if that makes a difference.

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            markk98382300 Level 1


            Thanks for the replay


            I did this already, but the problem is still there :-(

            The reaction is quicker than with the CPU on


            Maybe i can get a GTX Graphic card to see if there are any different.

            If not than i go back to version 5.7 I try that this morning and it runs like Hell so fast :-)

            But i switch to 5.7 when i finished my last map of foto's in develop mode (750 pictures)

            And thats too long now in Lr6