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    Search & Highlight multiple words in PDF


      Dear All:

      I have a list of some 100+ words to check their presence in a PDF file. In PDF, I could import only a notepad to present the list of words to be checked, using redaction to highlight/remove the list of words. The problem with notepad is that I can't have certain terms searched. Fox example, I want to search for the following combination:

      Any letter+space+however (To find out the error in a sentence like this: They knew it was useful however, they felt it was expensive.) (It should be: “… was useful; however, they felt…”)


      Any number+space+respectively (To find out the error in a sentence like this: Tom and Peter spent $10 and $15 respectively, from their savings.) (It should be “… $10 and $15, respectively”)

      How do I have this customized search possible? I just work with Word, Excel, and PDF and not an expert. Any idea would be greatly appreciated.

      Kind Regards,