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    Call button from external javascript getelementbyid("")

    chasbln Level 1

      Hello friends,


      in my Edge composition is a button called "button1".

      If I export my project, the browsers debbuger console shows the names of divs.

      The div-id after exporting is "Stage_button1".


      Code in my js-file:

      var link1 = document.getElementById("Stage_button1");

      link1.onclick = doThis;

      function doThis() {

        window.location.href = www.adobe.com;



      This doesn't work!

      If I change it to "Stage":

      var link1 = document.getElementById("Stage");

      The button works but the stage gets invisible and my animation is destroyed...

      Has anyone an idea how to call a DIV or element from inside the EDGE-stage?

      Thank you and br