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    How do I uninstall CC from my system without uninstalling my CS6 from my iMac?



      I am trying to uninstall the Creative Could from my iMac and with no success. Starting to get frustrated from it, and I need to talk to someone in support. Can not find a phone number and the forums are no help so far.


      I started uninstalling the CC 2015 and then uninstall the CC app, and I get a message saying that there are current apps still in use. The only ones I see are my CS6 and older versions on my iMac system. I do not want to uninstall those from my system.


      the first reason that I downloaded the CC was for my work and my boss said if I signed in under my other account and download the CC to my system, that my other apps will not be affected. Not true and now that I open any of my CS6 apps they do not show my name as the purchaser.


      What do I do now? Very frustrated customer with no help.