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    After Effects Cache Filling Up Daily



      I wanted to see if anyone else is having the same issue with their AE cache filling up too much, too frequently. Every morning when I go into work and fire up AE 2015, I get the notification that my cache is full, although I had emptied it just the morning before. It is filled with anywhere between 60 to 96GB daily. I have never had this issue before, or ever had to empty the cache but every few months or years. And this was with much larger, complex visual effects projects. The projects I'm working with now have nothing but very simple shape lower thirds, video clips, and an HUD animation made from shape layers. There are a nice amount of pre-comps, but I would not think that that would have an effect on the cache size. I go back and forth between at least 4 different projects per day with the same complexity, so I know there is not an issue with a single project.


      I empty the cache by going into After Effects > Preferences > Media & Disk Cache > and then Empty Disk Cache.


      Does this method leave behind files or something, or is there another error?


      Thank you for your help!



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          Dave LaRonde Level 6

          Does this happen in the very same project if you backsave it as an AE CC 2014 project file?


          Or is this just more AE CC 2015 Weirdness?

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            Todd_Kopriva Level 8

            What is the exact message that you're getting?


            I doubt that you're actually getting a message that the cache is full. I think that you're actually seeing a message that is warning you that the current space allocated for your disk cache is too large for the free space on your computer such that _if_ the disk cache were to take up all of the space that you've allocated, then your disk would be full (or very close to it).

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              camilleb65735844 Level 1

              This started happening with the last update for 2014, and then became more frequent with the 2015 update. I tried backsaving it, and I could not get it to work.

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                camilleb65735844 Level 1

                Here is the error message that I get every morning.


                AE Error.png


                And the cache folder is set to the iMac desktop that I am working off of. I have plenty of memory left on my computer. We just had them all serviced and defragged. None of that seemed to make a difference. But I would not think that that cache could be filled up with 60 GB in one day. I am wondering too if this is affecting the way my AE is preforming. I am having several issues with my RAM preview as far as it being incredibly slow and not displaying camera animation until I save and restart AE.

                Screen Shot 2015-07-24 at 9.18.18 AM.png

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                  Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  How much free space is on your iMac's hard drive?

                  That message is just saying that it doesn't have enough space to fit 93 GB safely. A hard drive should always have 25% free, so even if the drive has 95 GB free, using 93 GB for your cache isn't a good idea.


                  If you change your preference to allocate a smaller amount for AE, that message will likely go away.


                  And I could easily see the cache being 60 GB in a day. AE works in completely uncompressed frames. So, if you import a very compressed video file (say, an MP4), AE is caching an uncompressed version of that which could easily be ten or twenty times larger than the original file is.