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    Using Lightroom 6 perpetual and Lightroom CC




      after purchasing a perpetual licence for Lightroom 6 in May and then also registering for the CC version a few weeks ago, I have problems to use both together on my Adobe ID. I expect that it's possible to use it on 4 computers now. But the first problem I have, is to install Lightroom 6 in my office. I found only the installation package for Lightroom CC. And whenever I start Lightroom in my office, I will be told that it will be disabled on one of my computers at home.


      My questions:


      1. Is there a seperate installation package fpr Lightroom 6 perpetual? Where can I find it?

      2. Is it maybe not possible to use both on the same Adobe ID? Does anyone have experience with this?


      Many thanks in advance and best regards


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          BKKDon Level 4



          Haven't tried to use both on the one ID but I wouldn't think it would matter as you would be registering a Serial Code to the account which should be separate from your CC registration.


          You should be able to have two installs for LR 6 and 2 for LR CC.


          And I am not sure if there is a separate installation package but you can download the perpetual from here: Download Photoshop Lightroom

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            herbie0815 Level 1



            thank you very much for your answer and the download link. But unfortunately after installing it on my 3rd PC and running it, I will still be logged out on my other PC. Is anybody using here the perpetual licence of Lightroom 6? Can you tell me please what you see in the upper left corner? I always see "Adobe Lightroom CC 2015". This is not ok for my 3rd computer I think. There I want to see something like "Adobe Lightroom 6.1". In my opinion Lightroom should ask me for my licence code, but it doesn't. Very strange! :-(


            Best regards