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    Help needed for data merge with headers


      I am creating a new advertising magazine listing houses. On page 1 only we need the landlord "header" at the top. I put i nthe header then set up my mail merge box for multiple entries. When I create the merge document however, the header is duplicated with every entry...

      I also tried setting up two seperate masters...a Page 1 master (A) and Page 2+ master (B).


      Master A had a top margin set so the merge started lower and I selected only 6 records to be added to that page. I then copied and pasted the header into the top. This page worked fine. On Master B I set the margins so they were normal (no header required) and selected the rest of the records (7-10) to be merged. They merged but instead of all the "B" pages running in order...it alternated a Page A with Page B continuously through the document. I don't know what else to try...please help!