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    After Effects Composition Won't Load Premiere Sequence (Dynamic Link)


      I Have a MacPro Late 2013 OSX Yosemite, with 32 gigs of RAM and XEON E5, Adobe CC 2015. I am working between After Effects and Premiere using Dynamic Link. I am dynamic linking Premiere sequences into After Effects. My problem is the linked sequence will not drop onto my After Effects Composition. The really weird thing is, I can reboot the system, open After Effects drop the sequence into the composition, then I cannot drop anymore, I get the circle with a line through it telling me I can't. So I can drop one sequence into my composition every reboot. I really don't want to have to work this way it will take forever. I have cleared the media cache.


      I am working with 1280x720 60fps video captured using a Panasonic Camera.