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    [Q] loaded jpg is cut off in the middle!!!!

      Hi, I am having troulbe loading an external jpg image

      jpg file is long rectangular shape (width 700px * height 8000px <possiblely longer>), and around 1.2mb.

      I am loading image with listener (onComplete?: I was using someone else's tutorial, sorry for my lact of knowledge)

      Everything worked..tutorial was great..and result was fine

      HOWEVER, when I am loading my own image(which i specified above), It seems like only 1/3 of jpg file is loaded.

      (I wantted to make a scrollable image gallery sort of thing..showing long portrait images)

      I was wondering is there any external file size limit in flash???

      or height(pixel size) limit?? or any other possibly related issue that i am not aware of???

      Can someone help me out ?

      Is there any way I can fix it without touching jpg images?

      (last way would be cutting the all jpg images into smaller pieces or making images size smaller :'()