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    Adding context sensitivity to a WebHelp project

    ENTRGWH Level 1

      Technical info:

      RoboHelp 11 patch level

      Windows 7 OS


      I'm a bit new to context sensitivity in WebHelp. I have a reasonably large WebHelp project so I'm adding CS to it. I asked the developers to create topic IDs for the various interface pages however I'm not sure how to use what I received from them.


      I was expecting something in the format:

      (Web interface page) Setup... (Map ID) XYZ, (Map Number) 1234


      What I'm seeing is in the format:

      (Web interface page) Setup...  (URL) http://example.example.com/blah/settings.cfm?blah=1&blahh=1   (help index) 12345678


      Can RoboHelp use this format and if so how? I had a look at Peter Grainge's site (thanks Peter) but I got the impression that I should be seeing either a URL or context ID (any misinterpretation of that is entirely mine).