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    mouse scroll



      when I try to scroll with the mouse inside the folders it does not work in grid. Is this a bug?

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          F. McLion Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          What we need to know:

          OS and version?

          Lightroom version?


          Beside, there is no known error with the mouse wheel handling. Works perfect on my CC 2015.1 on W7.

          Please check you mouse settings (set defaults).

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            Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

            What exactly do you mean by "When I try to scroll inside the folders it does not work in grid"?


            The cursor is either in the folder area or in the grid area. Where is the cursor when this happens.

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              stephanb83007180 Level 1

              In the Folter area. When i am down in smartselections it works. Only up in folders i have to move the slider the mouse wheel does not work. 

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                I have the same problem

                with Lightroom 6.5.1

                Windows 7 Home Premium  Sp1 64Bit


                When I put the cursor over the scrollbar itself the mouse wheel functions, but when the cursor hovers over the folder area the mouse wheel is ignored. In the grid Area everything is ok again.


                In Lightroom 4 this worked.


                This is bad for me, because I have quite some folders and often scroll through them.


                p.s. Once direct after opening Lightroom it even worked in the folder area, after klicking in the folder area it still worked, but after clicking in the grid area ist stopped working even after reclicking the folder area.