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    getting value from non-current state

      How do I get a value (for example) from a combobox which resides in a state that hasn't been made current?
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          FlightGuy Level 1
          I depends how the combobox is added to the state. If it is created in that state, you can't, since it may not yet have been created (unless you've already been in that state). Your best option (don't know why you're trying to do this, though), is to add the control, hidden, in your base state, and then show it in the state in which it should be visible. That way it's created right at the start and you can use it.

          You should view states as a 'script' of changes that are made to the base state. These changes include adding/removing children and modifying properties. When adding, the children will be created and added (or reattached if they were previously detached). When removing, the children are detached from their parent.