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    Auto Update Crashing Ch and Not Updating Layers Properly

    dalesandberg Level 1

      When Ch auto updates my character files after I save them in illustrator it has begun to crash on me. Anyone else experiencing this? In addition when I go to reopen Ch, it will load my character but have missing media from the changed layers. The only way I have found to relink this media is to delete the character out of Ch and reimport. This however also deletes any transforms and behaviors that I have added.


      As a second part to this question, I have also noticed that Ch does delete layers such as mousetrack, origin, fixed point layers when auto updating. I also have to delete out the character and reimport, again losing all added behaviors and transforms. Any one else seeing this behavior? Anyone have any ideas?

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          Jeff Almasol Adobe Employee

          Dale... is it possible to send me (privately) a copy of the AI artwork file, along with instructions on the type of edit you do in Illustrator that is causing the crash? We've fixed issues related to this in the upcoming Preview 2, but want to confirm if your issue is addressed by them.


          Artwork structure changes (add/delete layers, etc.) from the artwork file will trump added/deleted layers you've done in the Puppet panel, but shouldn't override any new handles you added in the Puppet panel. Synchronizing artwork structure changes is tricky, and this was the best way to deal with changes at this time -- do structural changes in the artwork file, and handle changes either in the file or in the Puppet panel. However, if you have a behavior associated with a subpuppet, and the artwork changes (for that subpuppet or some other part of the art hierarchy) but that subpuppet still exists, it shouldn't drop the behavior.


          Note that if the subpuppet layer is currently selected in the Puppet panel and then an external artwork change occurs, you might need to deselect/reselect the subpuppet layer to see refreshed content (added/removed handle, applied behaviors, etc.). That's been addressed in Preview 2.

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            Jeff Almasol Adobe Employee

            Please let us know if the problems have been addressed in Preview 2. Thanks!