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    Lightroom sliders, change quantities with a single click??

    Dan Bold

      Hi, I've just updated from LR4 to LR6 and have installed & begun editing images from a recent wedding. Weirdly, each time I click on a slide, be it exposure/highlights/clarity or whatever, the quantity alters without sliding or dragging my finger across the magic mouse. Each click, followed by Command Z (backwards step) & click again, changes the quantity by a different amount with no rational reason I can think of.
      I understand that a double-click resets that specific slider but a single click - in my experience - should leave the quantity unaltered?? I'm using Yosemite 10.10.3 & rather bemused.
      Must I reinstall the software?
      Please help, thanks very much, in advance.

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          99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Hi Dan


          Are you actually clicking on the center pointer and dragging? Clicking anywhere along the line will set a corresponding plus/minus point.


          You can also set the extreme ends of the histogram automatically by holding down shift and double clicking (control-click) on the words white and black.

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            Dan Bold Level 1

            Hey Jon, I'm simply clicking once on the pointer - say it starts off at

            zero & given a single click and it either shoots up or down a rather random


            -0.11 or +33 or something. Bit odd. In LR4 my routine was to click on a

            slider to select it (on the actual pointer - not halfway up the slider) and

            then tap the arrow keys to increase or decrease quantities.

            I have realised that I need not click on the pointer to select the slider

            but just hover over it and use the arrow keys, BUT if I want to grab/click

            the pointer to drag it up or down, the number instantly jumps to an

            arbitrary quantity first, thus altering the starting point away from zero.

            Weird & annoying and probably something simple that I'm yet to understand!


            Cheers for your response. Any ideas? Did this change between LR4 & LR6?...