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    In the print module, is it possible to make a page size of 833px by 316px for printing to jpeg?


      I am in the print module and am trying to make a jpeg file to save to web that has four images in it. The final image size I need is to be 833px wide and 316px high.


      I have my ruler units set to inches and my file resolution is at 100ppi.


      When I select 'custom file dimensions' I am trying to put in 8.33in wide x 3.16in high. The 8.33in wide works but the high always comes up with an error saying "a number between 4.00 and 100.00 is required. Closest value inserted".


      Is there a way I can create this file size in Lightroom or am I going to have to move through to photoshop to do this?

      Does anyone know why there is a minimum size value of 4 inches anyway?


      Many thanks in advance,