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    CC 2015 - Woeful (Ram) Preview.


      Apologies if this has already been covered, but i cant find anything specific.

      I probably only use AE every 3 months or so (when a project goes live) and since the last successful project, CC 2015 has been installed.

      I have just tried to use the latest version and the new 'Preview' feature that used to be 'RAM Preview' is appalling.


      It used to go... I have a complex series of compositions, multiple effects, trackers, 3D elements etc. I hit RAM preview and wait while it does its thing. I accepted the delay.

      Now... Even if i only have a single piece of footage on the timeline with no effects, i hit preview and i get a jerky mess that maxes out at about 5 seconds in duration.


      Am i doing something wrong? Nothing has changed on my mac (including the cache settings), other than the 'upgrade' to CC 2015.


      It is absolutely unusable. Has anyone else had similar issues?

      Is it a known bug?


      Any ideas would be really appreciated.