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    Adobe CC


      Adobe CC - updated Adobe After Effects as per update information request , atempt to open After Effects Tutorial - was asked to update Flash Player to v.10.2, updated succesfuly. Atempted to access After Effects tutorial and was ask to update Flash Player - and over and over and over .......

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          maria__ Adobe Employee

          Hi Tadeusz Berner,

          I'm not familiar with After Affects as I've not used it. However, Flash Player 10.2 is very old.  I recommend installing the latest version, and then attempt to view the tutorial. Is there a URL to the tutorial, or is it viewable within the After Affects program?  If this is a browser-based tutorial please provide the URL.


          Also, there are different versions of Flash Player for different browsers.  If this is a browser-based tutorial you'll need to ensure you have the version for the browser you are using.