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    Round trip to Photoshop and back creates a new hard drive

    MikeCrabb Level 1

      When I edit a file in Photoshop CC2015 and save it create a new hard drive and folder with identical names as the hard drive and folder from which the original raw file came. For example I now have 2 drives listed under Folders named "Archive Drive 2". If I try to move the photoshop saved file to the original Archive Drive 2, I get a message that the file already exists in that location. What I have to do is move that file do a different hard drive then move it again to the proper hard drive/folder.

      A little explanation of my file naming hierarchy: Im using a Thunderbay Thunderbolt 4 disk storage. Each drive gets named Archive Drive #, Then the top level folder gets the same name (so I can click on that and search the entire drive in Lightroom), Then each import is organized by date, i.e. 2015/07/20.

      I've been putting up with this for quite a while (years)