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    How can I make Digital Editions find my ereader?


      Ok... So here's my problem, I downloaded Digital Editions so I can read epub on my ereader. I did everything it said, including authorosation of my computer. However, the program can't seem to find my ereader. It's listing libraries such as Unread, Borrowed, Bought, etc... There should be a library with the name of my ereader, but this is not the case.


      How can I make Digital Editions find my ereader?

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          corrie 10

          hello adobe,

          i have the same problem. my device is not showing in the adobe digital editions.

          i am trying to install e-books on my device that i got from our library. they instructed my to use digital editions to be albe to read the e-book on my e-reder,

          with a clear instruction video. but got stuck at the part for authorizing my device because it is not showing in the device tab.


          -    it is not chowing in the device tab of adobe digital editions

          -     i have checked the list of supported devices and can not find my model in there.

          -     i got a Sony reader PRS-T2. (i have found an older model: Sony reader PRS-T1

          -     i checked the config of the device if it is adobe DRM compatible, it is compatible but not authorized.

          -     i checked for updates for my device. device does have the newest version.



          how can i solve this problem?