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    Help my nav controls my sound

      I am building a site and i have one section for lights with on and off buttons that works fine. I have a sound section with on and off buttons that work fine. The problem I have is if the sound is off and I hit say the navigation home button then my sound starts up again. Its the only nav button i have coded so far but i believe if i finished it the others would do the same thing. I have tried every tutorial i can find and the code is either wrong, or i get the funny button problems were other buttons cause the sound to restart. All i want is the site to load with the music playing, but if the user turns it off, it should stay off regardless of the scene they go to unless they decide to turn it back on. So what am i missiong here, why won't only the sound buttons control the sound. I tried loading the sound and unloading it, including it on a time line, and in a button, but everything has the same problem, other buttons such as the nav turn the sound back on. i am uploading my flash file hopefully someone can suggest something i am missing and suggest something better.

      my file is at www.designbytreitner.com/main2.fla
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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          what are you using to start your sound? actionscript? if so, post it. or is your sound attached to a timeline frame?
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            rtreitner Level 1
            Like I said, I’ve tried several tutorials and methods and they all wind up with the same bad side effect. Of course all methods use scripting, how else would you get anything to work. What do you mean post my code here that would be fine if the problem could only be my sound buttons. However it could be something else as well, that’s why I gave a link to my flash file instead. Also I mentioned trying several different methods which all had the same problem with other buttons re-starting my sound. That tells me the problem is something other than the code on my sound buttons.
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              rtreitner Level 1
              Also none of my scripts have any errors when I ran a check on them or reviewed my movie. To bad I can’t say the same about some outdated tutorials I found. By the way I am using flash 8, not mx, or flash 5 either and yes there are differences.