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    Lightroom 5 freezing while attempting import of photos!


      I'm desperate here.  I am trying to import photos so as to edit and get back to a customer who is waiting!  I volunteered to take dance photos for the Girls and Boys Club knowing I'd be able to edit and get the photos back to them in less than a week but now my Lightroom 5 is freezing on me and I can't get it to do anything.  It freezes first when I try to import the photos from my Nikon D7100.  Usually I have not had any problems with this software.  But for some reason this time the first time I tryed to import these photos the software would only import by skipping and then not finishing the import.  Again now I can't even use the software.  I did uninstall the software and then reload but that did not work.  I am really desperate because I need to get these photos to the Club before two of the dancers move.  Please help me!!!  My system info is as follows: