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    It is possible to route cf requests for subfolders in one Website to different installed Cold Fusion servers

    adiedler1979 Level 1


      For a migration scenario we think about to migrate application step-by-step from CF9 to CF11. So on the server, we want to replace the modified code with changes for CF11 and connect this whole application, which is a subfolder of a website, to CF11 instead of the current running CF9.

      So in IIS we have

      One Default Web Site with different applications like

      --- app1

      --- app2


      All these apps are currently connected to the CF9 version with WSConfig tool.

      Now, the app1 was modified to match CF11 requirements, and we want to connect the folder app1 to CF11

      in the browser it was http://servername/app1  and http://servername/app2