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    Can I use lightroom offline


      Can I use lightroom offline?

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          hans-g. Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Hello Carol,


          in my (German) library I found this:

          "Eine Internet-Verbindung ist für die Erstinstallation und Lizenzierung der Desktoptools notwendig. Mit einer gültigen Software- Lizenz können die Applikationen auch offline verwendet werden. Beachten Sie, dass die installierten CC-Applikationen Sie alle 30 Tage zur Validierung Ihrer Software-Lizenz auffordern werden. Sie können die installierten CC-Applikationen bis zu 99 Tage lang offline nutzen."

          what means something like:

          "An Internet connection is necessary for the initial installation and licensing of desktop tools. With a valid software license, the application can also be used offline. Note that the installed CC-applications will ask you every 30 days to validate your software license. You can use the installed CC applications offline up to 99 days."



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            Yes I have the same problem. I bought Lightroom 6 in a box. € 140,- Its is OK to register en go to Adobe one time. But I do not want to go online every time I use it for working on my photos. I do not want to use the social network and all that. I do not want my pictures in the cloud. But Photoshop keeps nangging about it. Now I went through the 30 day periode and it stopt working alltogether. Dit I buy the.r wrong product? Or can I ajust it to stay offline? Please help.

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              dj_paige Level 10

              You do not have to go online every time you use Lightroom. If you go online once, and sign in using your Lightroom 6 serial number, you do not have to be online after that to use Lightroom.

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                JoeKostoss Adobe Community Professional

                I believe your question was answered in your other post Using photoshop online. How?.  It is not necessary to post the same question twice in this forum!

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                  Apparently you DO have to go online each time you launch LR for Mac, the CD version. I also don't want/need to be online to edit my photos. But Adobe requires sign-in to even launch this non-CC version. Signing out/quitting the app deactivates the software.

                  So each time I launch what I thought was a self-standing, offline product, I have to sign in to Adobe with the serial number.

                  What kind of crap is that? $150 down the effing drain. Shitbag Adobe.

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                    dj_paige Level 10

                    davidn9943906  You have completely misunderstood the situation.


                    You sign on once and you have to be online at that time so Adobe can verify your license is valid and only activated on a maximum of two computers ... and after that you do not need to be online, nor does Lightroom perform any online communications.


                    You do not have to sign out each time you are done using Lightroom, in fact this is a mistake. By signing out each time you finish Lightroom, you are forcing the need to sign in again and thus having to be online again to have your license checked.


                    Do not sign out after you are done using Lightroom.

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                      davidn9943906 Level 1

                      Hello dj_paige;

                      (I don't see a way to Reply to your post, there are no Actions available in the gray popup below your note, so am 'Replying to Original Question")


                      I want an offline photo organizer/editor. I thought Lightroom 6 on CD would be the trick. Have spent hours reading/learning and experimenting before going fully with it.


                      I do not want Adobe's nose in my business. I paid a lot of money for the software and I just want to use it without being monitored.


                      When I launch LR, I get a 'free trial' window that requires sign in/activation with the serial number. If you subsequently sign out, the sw is deactivated, so yes, you DO need to be online/signed in to use the software on a regular basis. This stinks. Adobe itself is not providing any support on this.


                      I tried their Chat, "24/7", and it was... 'not available'. Ha! Need to find out about a refund and look for a better option. Computing life, not just with Adobe, is getting worse and worse all the time.

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                        bob frost Level 3

                        As DJ said above, DON'T sign out. Just close LR when you have finished working.


                        Bob Frost

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                          davidn9943906 Level 1

                          In talking with friends about what to use for photo organizing and light editing post-Apple Aperture, I was directed to Adobe LR 6, which is noted as "standalone" online and friends said you don't need to be connected to use it.


                          As it turns out, it is not truly standalone. You need to be "signed in" to use it. If you "sign out", it deactivates.


                          So yes, Adobe even with this version, wants its digital fingers minding your work.


                          I started computing way back, I like the model of software that pay for and just use, control over when and if to update etc. Subscriptions, sign-ins, all that rubbish is not for me. I travel to places with unreliable internet, and I don't like the idea of being spied on as I use my computer, or losing my work if I unsubscribe. Adobe requiring users to be "signed in" while using LR shows they do not trust paying customers. I hate that. So goodbye Adobe and Lightroom.


                          Fortunately after some twitter back and forth (unfortunately they way they seem to be reachable), they provided a refund link which I'll pursue. Otherwise it was a big fat $150 mistake. Grrr.

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                            JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                            Apparently the key is DON'T SIGN OUT. Just close Lightroom but don't sign out. It isn't necessary. It won't cause any problems.

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                              retrosi Level 1

                              To use either PS or LR offline.

                              Do not open the Adobe app window.

                              Go directly to where the programme list is on your computer.

                              Sorry Mac owners not sure where yours are.

                              On a PC go to the Windows icon and click to see the list of programmes.

                              Find either PS or LR and click it from here.

                              Done, yes that simple.