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    Selecting Multiple Tracks

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      Up until recently I had been accustomed to working with Apple Logic Pro X and Avid Pro Tools, however due to work, I had to switch to Adobe Audition and I have to say that Audition makes it easy to do a lot of things that would be less simple to do in those two previously mentioned DAWs and so far I am enjoying working with Audition. However, my one and only gripe is something really simple:


      Currently there is no way of selecting multiple tracks in Audition.


      With Logic and/or Pro Tools, you can easily hold down Shift and click on multiple tracks and select them so you can add the same effects onto all of them, or solo or mute those selected tracks simultaneously. You can also add or delete multiple selected tracks together instead of having to individually select each track and delete them over and over.


      Being able to select and set effects onto multiple tracks at once would increase everyone's workflows.

      It would be really great if this simple feature would be implemented in a future version of Adobe Audition.