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    Looking for narrowcasting hw/sw advice

    motiondude Level 1

      Hi there, I'd like to hear your suggestions for a simple narrowcasting setup. For a client I have to give some advice on a very simple hw/sw setup. The system has to drive only 1 monitor. The narrowcasting software can be simple too and should run on a Mac. We only need to be able to make a few play lists that can hold stills and QuickTime/mp4 clips. The clip lengths will probably not exceed 60 sec. I design the clips and the stills so that the client can move them around in the playlists. Or is this something you shouldn't have clients do? I usually just deliver clips so I have no idea. I also saw a lot of rentware. I'd like it to be purchase once.


      My idea is to use a MacMini or a MacBook hooked up to a 42" monitor (the max size there's room for). So I'm looking for some 42" monitor advice and software advice. We're in Europe so we're looking for Pal solutions. Until now, I've briefly looked into monitors and found 2 (NEC MultiSync V423 and Philips BDL4251V/00) but I'm still looking to get a clear picture of possibilities to know for sure I give a sound advice. I've looked at software as well but haven't yet found something simple.


      I'd like to hear your suggestions on both hw and sw. Thanks in advance!