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    Incompatibel driver videocard problems Element 9 and windows 7


      I've been using Elements on my PC for almost 5 years without any problem. After the latest windows update on 17 july I got the warning that there's no compatibel driver was founf for the monitor. Result a gray monitor and no playback in Element of the content. The first thing I did was returning to the situation before 17 july but that didn't solve the problem. Next thing I did was checking for updates for my videocard and installed the latest driver. That didn't work either. The last thing I tried was a new instalation of Elements and that didn't work either.So I'm a little bit out of options. The videocard I use is GEFORCE GTS 450/PCIe/SSE2 4.50 softwareversion is 353.30. I'm using Elements 9 and windows 7