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    Why are some of my images turned 90 degrees when relinked to files? This has never happened before.



      I have used Indesign for years and this is the first time I am having this issue. Indesign files (already this is strange, they are suddanly all missing links), any that I open from the same folder, are reporting that all links in the file are missing, and when I relink them to an appropriate folder (not sure if it is exactly the same one, I have several copies of this document with slight variations, but the original images are the same), after relinking all of them, Indesign has turned a third of them 90 degrees! This is a very large and long document and I don't have the time to go correct this for each file, especially since it does not only do this with this Indesign file, but with all I have opened! I have relinked files from folders in this way many times before, often switching the location of Folders with images, but I never experienced any such problems. I have Indesign CC 9.0. Thanks for your help!!!