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    Character 'fixed' for no reason/lip sync not working with triggers

    CJBoucherMedia Level 1

      I have a character that has triggers for different sets like Wendigo, it was working fine until today.


      Character set 1 and 2 have fixed feet, set 3 does not have fixed pins on the feet as he is meant to float.


      For some reason set 3 has fixed feet (even though they don't show up in the puppet menu) and the lip sync and tracking does not work for  set 2 and 3.


      All I did was widen the canvas size in Photoshop since set 3 went outside the border of the scene and I wanted it to fit within the scene.


      Also I have to click back and forth between the puppet and the scene and the timeline in order to use my keyboard triggers if I go out of the scene menu and change something.

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          Jeff Almasol Adobe Employee

          Changing canvas dimensions in Photoshop might've caused the handles (fixed, mousetrack, dangle, etc.) to no longer be at the same locations. Switch to the Pen tool (in Shape mode), then select each handle layer to see if it's where you expect them to be.


          Are sets 2 and 3 in the same file (i.e., those are alternate views)? If so, recheck the subpuppet layers for those views to see if the Face and Lip Sync behaviors somehow got deleted during the artwork update process. They shouldn't have been, assuming you didn't modify the structure of the artwork file.


          Yes, the Scene panel needs to be focused for keyboard triggers to work.


          If you are still experiencing problems getting the artwork to be set up properly, feel free to send us a link to it and we can investigate. Thanks.