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    Menu trigger using SDK




      I want to trigger a menu when user create a text frame as a event listener. Example: if the user enter any key in the text frame i want to collect the info what they have entered, and need to validate the value is correct or not, if its wrong i want to trigger undo menu.


      Thanks in advance



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          LeoTaro Level 4

          You can trigger menu items using platform specific code. Some things like the undo you can trigger using the action suite:

               AIActionManagerSuite *actionManager;
               [Get action manager suite]
               AIActionParamValueRef actionParams = nil;
               AIErr error = actionManager->AINewActionParamValue(&actionParams);          
               if (!error && actionParams)
                    actionManager->AIActionSetString(actionParams, 'itnm', "undo");
                    actionManager->PlayActionEvent(kAIDoMenuCommandAction, kDialogNone, actionParams);