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    Can I borrow space from previous paragraph?

    SimonLinden Level 1

      Can anyone help me how to achieve the following layout in a convenient way (see attached image)?

      Each verse has its own paragraph starts with a number in superscript. The text in italic are cross references that appear at the end of the verse they relate to. If there is room at the end of that verse (see verse '7' in the attached image), the cross reference is placed on the last row of that paragraph. But if there's not room for the whole cross reference on the last line of the verse I want it placed below, either completely (see '3' and '6') or partially (see '1' and '9').


      Since the paragraphs are justified with last line aligned left I have now put  a hard return before whatever doesn't fit of the cross reference, a soft return (shift+enter) would cause the last line of the verse to be justified as well. But this creates an inconvenient inconsistency in my styles. Sometimes the cross-references will be part of the same paragraph as its verse, sometimes it will not and other times cross references will be split between two paragraphs. Is there a way to have all cross references in their own paragraphs, and to let them "borrow" empty space from the previous paragraph so that I get the appearance in the image? Or must I solve this manually from verse to verse?