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    Articles panel not assigning reading order for accessible / interactive PDF (stacking order taking priority)

    brandons86 Level 1

      I am putting together a section 508 compliant accessible PDF of a print publication and am having some trouble getting the reading order to work properly. I would prefer to use the articles panel to assign the reading order. I have:


      1. Assigned a logical reading order for each page using the articles panel
      2. Set "use for reading order in tagged PDF" to on
      3. Exported a tagged interactive PDF
      4. Checked the tab order in the PDF to ensure that "use document structure" is selected


      I am using Adobe InDesign CC 2015 fully updated and Adobe Acrobat Pro DC.


      When I check the reading order in the PDF using the reading order tool under the accessibility section the reading order is wrong - it is not following the articles panel. However, if I change the stacking order in the document by sending the item that I want to be read first to the back and the item that I want to be read last to the front, the reading order is correct. I can certainly meet the section 508 compliance by changing the stacking order on every page, but this seems like a short-sighted way of establishing reading order - I would much rather use the articles panel as this document will be edited quite a bit throughout the next year or two.


      How can I get the articles panel to properly establish reading order rather than the document's stacking order establishing it?


      Thank you!