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    Rights Management - LiveCycle QR Code Query


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      I created a form in adobe pro for teachers to input data in order to create an open house card to give to parents. In Pro, I am able to view the QR generated code (their email address or website). I don't want to collect the data for any reason, but so far my understanding is for it to work in Reader (which, let's be honest, most teachers use) I need to run an extension via Live Cycle - which I guess is something major corporations use, not individuals. I've already done the necessary steps in Pro to enable additional features in reader...but the QR code for the card remains a blank square. I'm attaching screen shots for you to understand the simple scope of my project.

      Page 1: What teacher input their data into:


      Photo 2: What I see on my end (in adobe pro)

      Where the QR code is scannable and works just fine.


      Photo 3: Screenshot from a friend using reader - note the grey square where the code should be


      I've called the sales reps for LiveCycle... and they have not gotten back to me. I'm a simple teacher trying to make something for other teachers to use. Am I missing a key step? If not, does anyone have any idea of the cost of LiveCycle - can the reader extensions be purchased a la carte?  I can't even find that information on the web! to reiterate - this form works as designed as long as the end user opens the file in adobe pro. adobe reader renders the file useless for the end user. Help?