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    Audio scrub on timeline AE CC 2015


      Hi All,


      Adding to my long list of frustrations with AE CC 2015 is the apparent inability to hold in CMD whilst scrubbing on the timeline. Useful for when you want to get the in point of dialog of a VO for instance, instead of constantly ram previewing. Tested on several machines here and the behaviour is the same. Holding in CMD whilst left clicking on the timeline, but not moving the mouse loops around 10 frames of audio. Scrubbing forward sounds even worse - it is impossible to use.


      In CC2014 you could scrub forward/backward whilst hearing the audio, instead of some half looping/half scrubbing abomination.



      MacPro Mid 2010

      OSX Yosemite 10.10.3

      32GB DDR3 Ram

      Built in Audio (I can't find anything specific to the audio hardware).