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    Why is Lightroom's Slideshow module chopping up my photos?


      When I preview a slideshow in Lightroom it will play back perfectly.  Even when I play it from Lightroom the slideshow will look fine except that I can't exit the slideshow without [ctl] [alt] [delete] ing, but whatever, I can get around that.  The issue is that when I actually export to video some of the slides have been chopped in half or in quarters and then put back together by Dr. Frankenstein.  I've tried deleting and regenerating previews. I've removed the borders option from the slideshow.  I haven't removed the movement from the slideshow, but if I have to do that then I may as well just put them together in Premiere and call it a day. I like the movement!

      Any thoughts would be helpful.  It's done this on 2 completely separate sets of photos that I attempted to make wedding slideshows from.

      I'm using about 90 slides and am running a Windows 8 PC with Creative Cloud's Lightroom.


      Thank you,