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    Accurate Comp Timeline Navigation

    sequence W4 Level 1

      Would it be possible on the next release for AfterEffects (and Premiere) to have Forward and Back scroll buttons? It seems like a really basic thing and I guess it is probably proprietary to other software systems. But if you could add these functions it would really help accurate scrolling (ideally also while playing the timeline). The existing bar / zoom controller is too unpredictable... keeps on flying off too far and loses focus on CTL. You could set the sensitivity in preferences.


      Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 17.47.17.pngREALLY USEFUL!!

      Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 17.57.02.pngNOT VERY USEFUL!!


      ALSO, in Europe we work in 25fps so the go forward 10 frames and go back 10 frames is not so good if you want to set 1 second keyframes for fades etc. (ahead shift page up twice then back down 5!). in NTSC 30fps you can press it 3 times to get your 30 frame advance. Why not make this a preference we can set in the project? Then we could quickly apply keyframes at uniform frequency!