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    Same folder shows twice with different subfolders


      I have a weird issue with folder naming. I keep my catalog file on a local hard drive, and all images on a local NAS server (connected by 100Mbps Ethernet, so performance has not been an issue). Somehow I ended up with two folders listed in Lightroom, with the only difference being the use of capital letters in the UNC server names, e.g.:





      Even though they point to the same folder, they show different subfolders underneath. The first one has the older folders, while the second one is the destination for new imports. I've tried to drag and drop subfolders from one to the other in LR, but I get an error indicating the folder already exists. Also the "find all missing photos" option fails to update either one (presumably because the photos are already in the catalog).

      Should I just delete one or both of these from LR and start over? Being new to LR, I am reluctant to try it as I obviously don't want to lose photos or edits.


      I'm on Lightroom 5.7.1. Thanks for any ideas...