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    Can someone help me????

    Balkanmaster Level 1

      Hey, i'm 15 and i was trying to key out a background of a video but it wouldn't work, I'm going to insert the video link so you can all see the video!!


      HDTV - DIMANA & SIANA - SHTE OTSELEYA / Димана и Сиана - Ще оцелея - YouTube


      What i'm trying to achive; I'm trying to remove the background, and keep the blue animation lower third in the video, if anyone knows what to do reply back to this,


      Please help, i've been trying to do this for almost 4 months, and its getting fustrating ;((((


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          Warren Heaton Adobe Community Professional

          Hi balkamaster:


          I watched the video.  Could you please provide the time where the shot that you would like to key is located?  For example, there is a close-up of one of the performers at one minute and two seconds that looks like it could be something to try to key (the background appears to be a dark blue sheet); however, I'm not seeing any shots that look like they were recorded during production such that it can be keyed in post production.





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            Balkanmaster Level 1



            The shot starts at 11 seconds and finishes at 27 seconds, it;s basically the lower third banner with the information of the song


            People have also talked about using this thing called "Tracking"?, apparently you can track the colour which is blue, but i'm dumb and don't know how to do it

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              Warren Heaton Adobe Community Professional



              So, you're looking to mask out a lower 3rd (a foreground element) rather than key a background.


              What are you looking for in the end result?


              If you're trying to make it appear as if the lower 3rd was never over the picture, there really isn't any way to do that at this point.


              Some options:

              A. You could render a new lower 3rd over the existing lower 3rd.

              B. You could reframe the shot (using Detail-reserving Upscale and Position).





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                Balkanmaster Level 1

                Yes, I'm trying to mask out the lower third, someone on youtube has done it and uses it in there videos, i've tried to contact them but they don't reply


                I've had a go and this is as far as i've got with it (taking a screen shot of the video. and when i try colour shift the black or white the lower 3rd disappears with it,

                i can send you the video footage of what i've done?                                   Screenshot (72).png


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                  Warren Heaton Adobe Community Professional





                  Are you looking to recreate a lower 3rd just like the one that appears in the video that you linked?


                  This is different from masking it out.


                  Or let me put it this way:


                  Do you have video that currently does not have a lower 3rd and you'd like to superimpose a lower 3rd over it?  (Which is different form keying and different from masking, but the terms get used like they're synonyms.)


                  Also, avoid posting your email address in public forums like this one.


                  I'd be happy to look at your video, but what's your budget to have a video professional work with your footage (my guess is that you're doing this out of your own interest as a hobbyist rather than for a client - so there may be no budget).





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                    Balkanmaster Level 1



                    And yes i'm trying to superimpose that lower 3rd so i can use it for videos that don't have a lower 3rd. I have a video going up on my youtube, and i really need that lower 3rd for my video!