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    h0llieah Level 1

      What does this mean? I'm trying to access books that I've already purchased and when I try to authenticate my computer with my (verified) account it refuses to do so!


      Please help if you can. Thank you

          cathya1607 Level 1

          Hi h0llieah


          Had this problem today and this is the first time I'm using ADE, so I'm a complete newbee.


          After fussing around with timezones (per the online help suggested solution) and even contemplating trying every single timezone availalble, I re-downloaded the item (my item is a borrowed eBook) and the download started.  (Now I need to resolve an E_STREAM_ERROR)


          Try downloading the item again - hope you have more luck than I'm having.




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            Nanaky Level 5

            E_STREAM_ERROR is a error with the download server of the eBook. Try a other internet browser and if not work should contact the reseller of the eBook to check the server.