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      What does this mean? I'm trying to access books that I've already purchased and when I try to authenticate my computer with my (verified) account it refuses to do so!


      Please help if you can. Thank you


          Hi h0llieah


          Had this problem today and this is the first time I'm using ADE, so I'm a complete newbee.


          After fussing around with timezones (per the online help suggested solution) and even contemplating trying every single timezone availalble, I re-downloaded the item (my item is a borrowed eBook) and the download started.  (Now I need to resolve an E_STREAM_ERROR)


          Try downloading the item again - hope you have more luck than I'm having.




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            Nanaky Level 5

            E_STREAM_ERROR is a error with the download server of the eBook. Try a other internet browser and if not work should contact the reseller of the eBook to check the server.