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    "Render control not valid" when setting up render engine

    PGi Studios

      Has anyone come across this issue before when trying to set up multiple machines as render nodes?


      I have the empty .txt file set up inside my mac OS documents folder as per the adobe render engine setup guide, i have a watch folder set up, and it looks to be properly scanning the folder.


      When i submit a very basic after effects project to the watch folder, the render engine counts down from 10 and keeps giving a "render control not valid for [xxxxx]"


      I've searched both the forums as well as google, and have yet to find a solution. We are running a mac environment, and all machines are running adobe CC 2014. Currently trying to get it to work with only two computers (one that i edit on and submit projects to the render queue, the other set up with only the render engine). Will expand to more computers once I figure out what is wrong (it is doing this on all of the render machines).


      Any thoughts or suggestions greatly appreciated