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    Is it possible to change preferences for the numpad (period) audio preview setting in CC AE 2015?


      Hello. Is there a way to change the behavior of the preview setting of the numpad (period) audio preview to it's default AE 2014 setting where it returns the playhead back to the start point of the preview instead of the playhead resting where it stops when I end the preview? I used this feature extensively in building training videos to locate my in-point to frame-accurately synch audio and graphics. In AE 2014, I would use numpad (period) to audio preview the in-point where I intend to place my graphics. When I hit numpad (period) again, the playhead would snap back to the start point of the preview on the timeline, showing me exactly where to drop my graphic. If my start point was a few frames off, I would use CTRL and the arrow keys to move the playhead and then numpad (period) to preview the audio in-point again until I found the exact point to insert my graphics. Since updating to 2015, the playhead no longer returns to the beginning point of the preview but instead stays at the point the preview ended. I have searched AE Preferences and google to learn how to set the audio numpad (period) preview to snap the playhead back to the start point of the preview but can find nothing. I do hope this behavior has not been removed from AE and I am merely missing a setting in the preferences. Thank you for your assistance. I will be eternally in your debt.