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    installation update Lr6


      I purchased the upgrade and installation before updating it wanted to know if all the pictures I have in Lr 5 deletes or saves them ??

      I do not want to update and lose everything.

      You know how to give advice on what to do ???

      it is better to save all or to upgrade assuring me that nothing will change except for some functionality ???

      Thanks in advance for your time

      good job

      Michele R.

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          F. McLion Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          The upgrade will create a copy of your current LR5 catalog and convert this one for LR6.

          The photos are not touched anyway. After you have checked that everything works in LR6 you can then save/delete the old LR5 catalog and remove LR5 from the computer.

          Full versions (5.x ... 6.x) do not replace the older version, they can be used in parallel. However, the catalog is NOT backward compatible.


          Bottom line: You're save to install the upgrade.