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    Can't Open e-books on Kobo & Can't Authorize Kobo e-reader


      I posted this few days ago but for some reason I can't see the post.


      I have two problems here.


      1. Can't open borrowed e-books on Kobo Touch.

          When I try to open the e-book, a box pops out


      "Opps! This document couldn't be opened

      This document is protected by Adobe

      Digital Rights Management (DRM) and is

      not currently authrorized for use with

      you Adobe ID. Please sign-in with the

      authroized Adobe ID and try again.



          I contacted Kobo and they told me to either
          a) reauthroize kobo & computer

          b) factory reset Kobo then reauthorize kobo & computer

          which never works.


      2. After too much reauthorizing, my kobo e-reader reached the authrization limit.

          The FAQ told me to contact cosutmer service


      "You can activate up to six computers and devices. If you reach the limit, contact Customer Service to reset your activations."


          But then the costumer service told me to post a discussion on forum.


      So please, someone help!