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    Can you open the same indesign file on a mac and PC?


      Looking at installing creative cloud on a mac and PC (at work) but need them to read old indesign files and new ones created. Thanks

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          Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant
          1. The INDD format is the same on Mac and Windows.
          2. If you have the same version or a newer one as the file was created with you can open it without problems.
          3. If you want to open a file in an older version you have to ask for an IDML file from the originator. But expect unwanted changes in the file.
          4. Inside the Creative Cloud you can open from CS6 upwards any newer file if you have an internet connection, but expect changes too.
          5. Problems between Mac and Windows are often Fonts. The Mac can read Windows only fonts, but Windows cannot read Mac only fonts. If you use only OTF fonts you have no problem.
          6. Newer OS have problems with T1 (Postscript Fonts), my recommendation is to avoid them.
          7. With the use of EPS often problems appear, specific with new OS and when postscript fonts are embedded in the EPS, don't use it, use PDF/X-4 instead.