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    Can i change annotation text


      I Need to create a replace type function that will get the text in the tagged link annotations and add a string to it. Is this possible. I have looked all through the api reference and cannot find a proper solution. I am from a variable data background so we use java script a lot to accomplish this with data.


      The result i need is to scan the annotations and return the text value that shows up when hovering over the link. I then need to replace this text with the new string + the returned value. Done and done, but i am not finding anything on this matter. And a lot of information is leading to parsing the data with the acrobat sdk. That obviously is going to be a lot more effort. This is a very small part of the overall action and i just need to add a couple identifiers for everything to work. I have been trying to accomplish this in a document level script. I just want to get back to playing skyrim. Any ideas would be awesome.