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    TOC separate page numbers of the chapters.

    Skippdd Level 1

      I am trying to understand the lay-out of national geographic for personal training purposes. When I try to separate the page numbers of the chapters the in the table of contents, the text does't align correctly. I have tried almost every tab combination in every way possible, but it doesn't work. Could somebody help me out?

      I want the following lay-out in the TOC:

      page number - chapter


        1      Chapter Omega of

                the Galaxy

      12      Chapter Alga of the



      Is it also possible to make an enter in the TOC? Like:


        1      Chapter One

                Omega of the Galaxy

      12      Chapter Two

                Alga of the Netherlands


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      Schermafbeelding 2015-07-23 om 07.45.08.png


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