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    Slow motion rotoscoping effect?


      I was watching Usher's dj got us falling in love video and I noticed this great effect they have throughout the video. Wanted to know how I would go about in reproducing it?


      Basically the effect is Usher staying at normal frame rate and the crowd around him moves in slow motion with some interaction with both of them and they change speed in intervals.

      What I'm guessing is high frame rate camera and they just rotoscoped him or filmed on the same plate/location and they just added him in, in compositing. But I'd like other opinions.

      Video down below: Effects starts at 2:02 to 2:18 and again at 2:22 to 2:30 and finally at the dance sequence starting at 3:15.


      Usher - DJ Got Us Fallin' in Love ft. Pitbull - YouTube



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          Any number of techniques could have been used, but it looks like mostly shot on location in multiple passes. There's a few distinct situations where the lighting doesn't look natural and does not 100% match, but this could be explained easily with nobody standing around and thus the shadowing, reflections and light bouncing being different. There's only one or two shots where there is some really obvious and bad roto/ bluescreen work and the try to cover it up with flares. The rest is mostly proper shot planning, so there's not too much overlap in the foreground.