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    Is it possible to use the dynamic link twice? (from Premiere to AE)


      I have done my edit in Premiere Pro (CS 6). During my work I had to use the dynamic link for effects like warp stabilizer. Now, I'm finish with the work on Premiere and would like to do the color grading in after effects again. But now, when I import the whole Premiere Pro Project into AE, all the clips which I've allready linked before, don't work/play anymore in AE. I have also tried to use the dynamic link again instead of the import option. But it's the same problem.


      Is there a workflow to edit some clips of the Premiere-sequence in after effects via dynamic link and then when I'm finish also edit the whole Premiere-sequence in After Effects?


      Maybe I should do it in one way next time? What would you suggest to do in this case?


      Thank you