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    Self-adjusting/aligning Footer in RoboHelp 11




      I am building a project in RoboHelp which includes a master slide that has a header and footer. The Header component is working fine. However, the footer tends to stick to the bottom of the text on each page. The project comprises of several hundred HTML pages, each with varying amounts of content. When I take the output in CHM (which is going to be the final format for this project), the footer tends to move around a lot. On pages where there is very limited content, when viewed in full screen mode, the footer appears a couple of lines below the text with the rest of the page below it all blank. Some steps I found online end up making matters worse when I inserted the html/css code snippets into my current project.


      It would be of great help if someone can provide steps on how the footer can be configured so that there is no blank space at the bottom of the page in the default view mode. Attaching an image where the red arrow illustrate the blank space that should not be appearing. Blurred out bits of the image since this is the actual work document. The footer should ideally be at the bottom of the page.